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        Academic Research

        Academic Research

        SFL has been committed to optimizing discipline connotation, improving academic quality, and scientifically expanding the professional layout. Relying on Foreign Language and Literature and the Master’s Degree Program, the School has gradually formed distinctive academic research teams, such as the team of Foreign Literature, Translation and Cross-Cultural Studies, etc. Based on disciplinary advantages in information technology, the School has been actively exploring in emerging interdisciplinary fields such as Infomationized Foreign Language Teaching, Cognitive Linguistics and Neuro-linguistics, which gradually formed academic impact.

        ●The First-level Master's Degree Program in Foreign Languages and Literature

        ●Research Teams in Academic Research and Innovation

        Research Team in Foreign Literature

        Research Team in Translation Studies and Cross-Cultural Communication

        Research Team in Theoretical Linguistics

        Research Team in Cognitive-Neurolinguistics

        Research Team in Foreign Language Education