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        With the spirit of “gathering erudite scholars and cultivating the best and the brightest”, we have committed ourselves to not only attracting outstanding scholars to join us, but also encouraging our staff to pursue further study. At present, our teaching staff are with upmost academic standard and highly professional. Many of them are hold PhD in diversified research areas. Among them, we have one nominee as “New Century Excellent Talent”, and one nominated “Ethics Model in Teaching” by the Ministry of Education. One professor was nominated as “Eminent Teacher” by Sichuan Provincial Government and one listed as “Leading Academic and Technological Scholar in Sichuan” by Sichuan Provincial Government while two professors were candidates of the same program. We also have Chief Professors of UESTC.

        學院現有教職工136人,其中專任教師118人,教授、研究員14人,校外協議教授/副教授、客座教授10人,副教授52人。具有博士學歷的教師39人,其中海外博士11人,博士后2人。學院鼓勵教師積極開展海內外學術交流,63.5 %以上的教師具有在海外留學、訪學、研修的經歷。近年,學院從海外引進多名學術帶頭人及青年骨干教師,不斷優化師資隊伍結構。

        There are 136 teaching and administrative staff, with 118 full-time teaching fellows, 14 of them are full professors or senior research fellows, 10 of them are adjunct professors and associate professors, and 52 of them are associate professors. 39 teaching staff hold a PhD and 11 of them obtained their PhD in overseas universities and 2 of them once worked as postdoctoral fellows. The school encourages academic exchanges at home and abroad, and more than 63.5% of our teaching staff once studied abroad, either as a visiting scholar or a research fellow. In recent years, many leading scholars have joined the school. Energized and emerging scholars who have obtained their PhD overseas continue to embrace our dedication to academic rigor and creativity.