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             學院每年定期開展面向全校學生的外語角、英語演講賽、辯論賽、口譯大賽、寫作大賽、模擬聯合國大會、日語文化節、圣誕晚會等外語文化系列活動;學院在海內外建立了20余個長期合作的實踐實習基地,每年派300余人到各基地實踐實習;學生具有強烈的社會責任感和奉獻意識,學院暑期社會實踐團隊多次被評為四川省、成都市和學校的“ 暑期社會實踐優秀團隊”。

             The School has hosted plenty of students’ activities in terms of language and culture for all students of the University, like English Corner, English Speech Contest, English Debating Contest, English-Chinese Interpreting Contest, English Writing Contest, Model United Nations, Japanese Cultural Festival, Christmas Party to name just a few. The School has established more than 20 long-term cooperative internship programs with partners locally and around the globe, sending more than 300 students out each year. Owing to the dedication and a great sense of social responsibility of our students, the team of summer internship has been named as the “Excellent Team” many times by the provincial and capital government, as well as by the University.


        Our students have been providing volunteering service to many international conferences and foreign affairs events, like Fortune Global Forum, Snooker International Championship, International Universities Rowing Race (China), West China International Fair, EU-China Business and Technology Cooperation Fair, Chengdu International Friendship City Youth Music Week, International Festival of the Intangible Cultural Heritage, World Equestrian Festival, to name a few. Many volunteers of the School had been listed as “Outstanding Volunteer” to amplify their great service. The School has also been awarded the title of “Excellent Partnership” by Chengdu Foreign Affairs Service Center.